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Mediterranean Stone based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, manufactures outdoor pavers, stones, wall tiles, and outdoor furniture for both manufacturers and consumers.

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Polished Concrete Ideas

Polished concrete is an effective way to add class, style and charm to a home, commercial or outdoor area.

You can polish an existing slab to reveal it's inner beauty, or create a new concrete floor specifically for polishing.

An example of how polished concrete is the prefect compliment for your home, or commercial areas.

Polished concrete used in the kitchen area.

Another example of polished concrete, in this case it is being used in the lobby area of a hotel.

In the same establishment as the above picture, the polished concrete looks excellent contrasted against the walls, outside grass and decorations.

When used in a bar, restaurant or cafe, polished concrete is not only attractive and fresh, but it is also durable. Perfect for an environment where spills, scratching and scraping are commonplace.

Polished concrete used to great effect inside a modern home.

An example of polished concrete in the dining area.

On the left: is the cement as it is being laid, and prepared for polishing. On the right: after it is dry, the concrete is polished leaving behind the textures and colours of the underlying sones and objects.